About Kim

If you’re like me, your pets mean everything to you. Like literally EVERYTHING.
They’ve been with you through all of it. Thick and thin they’ve stood by your side.
Much like we do with any human family member, our pets deserve to be documented and preserved in time.
These professional portraits do just that.

Through my years of shelter volunteering and photographing long term homeless pets I’ve honed in on the craft of pet photography.
Photographing animals requires patience, speed and accuracy. It requires the ability to see the nuances of a head tilt, eye shift, or tongue flip. It all matters when capturing a pets likeness in a photo.
I’ve photographed hundreds of animals in various settings, all with various personalities.
From the fearful, to the shy, to the outgoing, and everything in between.

I encourage you to book at least one session in your pets lifetime.
They are sooooo worth it!
And I can’t wait to meet them!!!